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Team Overview

Led by WSP, the Resilient Bridgeport team brings together engineers, architects, landscape architects and urban designers to provide an integrated approach to the development of a resilience strategy for Bridgeport.

Team Members


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  • WSP , one of the leading engineering and professional services consulting firms, provides services designed to transform the built environment and restore the natural one. WSP’s expertise ranges from environmental remediation and urban planning, to engineering iconic buildings and designing sustainable transport networks, to developing energy sources and enabling new ways of extracting essential resources.
  • Waggonner Ball Architecture / Environment designs environments and transformational strategies, from civic buildings to innovative district and regional plans. WBAE lead the Dutch/American team that created the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan, with which the New Orleans region is shifting from fighting the water that surrounds it towards “living with water.”



  • Arcadis is a global engineering and design consultancy that provides expertise in hydraulic modeling, ecology, economic analysis, civil engineering, and infrastructure design.
  • The Yale Urban Design Workshop is a community design center based at the Yale University School of Architecture that provides urban design and community engagement expertise.

The team operates at multiple scales and across different time horizons. The team engages outside experts and local residents, business owners, and civic leaders through workshops, open hours and discussions, lectures, and walking tours in order to ensure that the resulting plans reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of the Bridgeport community.

Selected Team Experience

Image credit : Waggonner and Ball Architects

The Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan

The Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan is a roadmap for improving management of flood and subsidence threats in a place of weak soils and ecological instability, while creating economic value and enhancing quality of life. The plan is the basis by which Greater New Orleans is becoming a world leader in climate-adaptive design and water resource management.

Image credit : Arcadis

The Coney Island Creek Resiliency Study

The Coney Island Creek Resiliency Study investigates strategies to mitigate upland flooding, improve waterfront open space, strengthen neighborhood connections, enhance infrastructure, and provide opportunities for economic development around the creek. The study also develops a shared resiliency agenda between the City of New York and community members that includes both short-term investments and long-term measures.

Image credit : Yale Urban Design Workshop

The Seaside Village Sustainable Master Plan

The Seaside Village Sustainable Master Plan provides recommendations for Bridgeport’s historic Seaside Village to maintain the co-op as a model of community, sustainability, and preservation for Bridgeport and the region. Constructed in 2011, the Seaside Village Stormwater Garden is a 0.25 acre project that explores the potential for green infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff and reduce neighborhood flooding in Seaside Village.

Image credit: Waggonner and Ball Architects

The Mirabeau Water Garden

The Mirabeau Water Garden is an ambitious effort to create a 25 acre public park that draws, filters, and infiltrates stormwater from a Sewerage & Water Board drain line. Currently in design, this site will become a center for water research and education and for demonstrating best practices for sustainable water management for the most vulnerable neighborhoods in the city.

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