Resilient Infrastructure: Coastal Flood Protection for Bridgeport Connecticut

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) proposes to provide federal financial assistance to the Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH) to construct a coastal flood defense system (Proposed Action) to protect the South End area of the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Pursuant to Executive Order 11988 (Floodplain Management) and FEMA’s implementing regulations at Title 44 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 9, FEMA hereby provides interested parties with a notice of its intent to carry out an action affecting a floodplain.

The South End neighborhood of Bridgeport experiences flooding resulting from both coastal and inland flooding and regular rainfall events. The interrelationship between storm surge from coastal storms and regular rainfall events contributes to the recurring flooding conditions throughout the project area. The purpose of the project is to reduce the risk of flooding in the area. The Proposed Action would construct a floodwall that would protect an approximately 64-acre area from the 100-year storm event plus 2.5 feet of sea level rise. The Proposed Action would also install a pump station and green infrastructure for internal drainage of stormwater during coastal storm conditions and to reduce stormwater flooding. The pump station would discharge stormwater outside of the area protected by the floodwall through a bioswale and rain garden in Seaside Park.

The project is within a mapped special flood hazard area (100-year floodplain, Zone AE). A map of the area is available upon request.

FEMA is working with DOH to recirculate and adopt the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the project that was prepared by DOH in August 2019. Map requests and comments about this project and potential floodplain impacts are encouraged to be submitted within 15 days of the date of this publication to:

Karen Vale, Environmental Specialist
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Boston, MA; (202) 699-0650


Eric Kuns, Senior Environmental Protection Specialist
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Boston, MA; (202) 805-9089

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Resilient Bridgeport: Rebuild by Design and National Disaster Relief Projects is available!

Please use the following links to review the Final Environmental Impact Statement:

Copies of the FEIS will also be available for review at the following locations during regular business hours:

      • Bridgeport City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace, Bridgeport, CT 06604, (203) 576-7081
      • Bridgeport Public Library Main Branch, 925 Broad Street, Bridgeport, CT, (203) 576-7400
      • Bridgeport Public Library Black Rock Branch, 2705 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, (203) 576-7025
      • University of Bridgeport Magnus Wahlstrom Library, 126 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, (203) 576-2388